Memory International Limited has its own training facilities. External and in-house seminars can be arranged for our products. This coupled with our state-of-the-art demonstration equipment constituting projectors and large screens goes a long way in ensuring that superb services are offered.

We also offer training to our customers in their premises and other serene environments such as hotels and/or lodges but with special arrangements.

Our instructors are leading industry professionals, with diversified expertise in the areas of payroll, information systems, and program development. Their understanding of software implementation and payroll issues is shared with the participants, resulting in an effective training process.

The success of Memory training is based on the ability of our trainers to relate and communicate closely and effectively with the participants. It is our mission to offer powerful training sessions designed to provide participants with the information needed to not only learn how to use MemorySoft Products,  but also on how to improve the processes that drive the software as well.

Memory provides extensive Training to all users to get up to speed in the shortest possible time.

Memory’s proven and tested Training Methodology helps you in understanding the numerous features in our products. At the start of the implementation MemorySoft charts out the Training Map and by the end of Implementation users gain valuable expertise of the usage of the software. However its Training time is virtually non existent.