About us


Memory International limited has been in the Software development industry since 1995 and has continuously achieved its core business objective of ensuring total customer satisfaction through the provision of products and services that meet its customer’s unique requirements and substantially add value to their businesses.

Mission Statement

“To be the leading supplier of integrated Personnel management systems and services in the open system environment within East & Central Africa.”

The Memory International limited suite of Human Resource Management System products have been developed under high precision and stringent controls resulting in high quality and functional products. Memory International limited has an unmatched investment in its research and development and continual improvement is the order of the day to keep abreast with the ever changing global technology trends with at least 15% of total revenue invested back into research and development.

The Memory International limited suites of Human Resource Management System products were first developed in 1996, and continue to be upgraded as per the market demands and have been provided to a wide range of clients across the East and central African region with clients ranging from Government Parastatals and agencies, multinationals, private companies, non-Governmental organizations and a host of others in the greater East and Central African region.

Memory International Limited has invested in a team of highly qualified personnel with vast experience in the software development disciplines. This team constitutes our core support department and is extremely competent in the computerization of Personnel Management System.

To date, Memory International Limited has had a successful track record within this region in implementing Computerized Human resources management systems on various platforms.

Today, Memory stands as one of the most profitable companies in the software industry. Each of its core human resources product lines experienced significant growth last year, surpassing overall industry growth. Last year, Memory was well-positioned for future growth in burgeoning all sectors including small business markets, medium business markets and emerging large business markets.

The next ten years holds even more promise for how Memory wants to grow and help its customers with software that enriches their lives at work.

We cover the geographical territories of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Democratic republic of Congo Ethiopia, Rwanda, Zambia and Nigeria

Memorysoft products are in use by over 350 sites in all East and Central African countries. Memorysoft enjoys a substantial growing user base, winning new customers in virtually all industries.

Memory is well-equipped to serve a growing base of hundreds of customers in more than 5 countries around the region

Over 25 years of expertise dealing with ever-changing laws and technology having started in 1995.

We have a user club for our customers. This club strives to bring users together with the view of exchanging ideas and sharing a light moment from time to time. It also helps us manage our customers more effectively particularly in cases requiring technical support and upgrades.

We have invited the association of other software, hardware companies and I / T consultants all in need of our services towards the supply of our management systems