Are you in the process of choosing an Human resource (HR) system for the company? Then you have most likely asked yourself the question if there is something particular you need to think about. And choosing an HR system is not always the easiest as the system range is extensive, and it can be difficult to determine the system’s adaptation to business needs, wishes, and priorities. To help you in your choice of HR-System, we list here some important selection criteria before choosing your new HR system. 

An easy-to-use and flexible HR system for easier personnel management 

An HR system is a software tool designed to support all forms of personnel administration by taking advantage of automation, collaboration, and data. And with the right HR software, personnel management becomes enormously much easier. By digitizing your HR processes with an efficient HR system, you can ensure that you follow up on your employees’ needs, development and performance. 

Technology that supports and benefits all 

Organizations thrive when employees thrive and are engaged. Therefore, look for a user-friendly and flexible HR system that adds real value by putting employees and their experiences first. That being said, the system should not take hours to figure out how to use and then even more hours to train others to understand and use it. A system of technology that supports and benefits everyone is a system that will be the key to your success. 

High data security

HR is at the forefront of data security. And an HR system that not only ensures the security of personal data but also ensures that it is updated and correct, deleted, or anonymized in accordance with relevant legislation is a must. Because HR software companies offer different levels of security and compliance, it is important that you take the time to understand what is being offered. Some relevant questions to ask regarding the HR-System’s data security may be: Where is the data stored? Is the information encrypted and at what levels? What tools are provided to help you manage data in accordance with the GDPR? 

Cloud systems for time-efficient HR processes

With a cloud system, you do not have to think about data space to store the needs of all employees and the HR department becomes more time-efficient. The management of employee data then takes place via a single organized, secure, and centrally located database. In the cloud, you easily build employee profiles with relevant and customized information fields based on your organization’s goals and needs. 

The issue of scalability

It is important that the various functions in the HR software can be scaled up as the business grows. Otherwise, it will be difficult to achieve future desirable system and personnel management benefits. Therefore, ask questions about whether there is a limit to the maximum number of employees that the HR system can support in the future, whether the system can be adapted to other business processes as the company grows and whether the system’s functions are scalable. 

A clear cost structure

As with all change initiatives, we need a clear and transparent cost picture. Choosing an HR system that has a clearly defined cost structure will minimize the risk that future system improvements will be made more difficult or expensive. It is also an advantage to know how the cost picture may increase over time. Therefore, review so that the price picture is easy to understand, that it is transparent, and that a flexible pricing model based on the number of employees is possible. 

The right system supplier

During times of growth and change, HR needs a system solution that can keep up and deliver consistently and optimally. And since the system vendor is responsible for all underlying hardware and software, the updates are usually seamless and you have the benefit of an updated system in real-time. With the right HR system supplier, all personnel data is consolidated and you can handle personnel administration more efficiently. And with smooth data synchronization, all information is always up to date. You avoid time-consuming administrative tasks, so you can focus more on strategic leadership and decision-making tasks.

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