Annual Leave Absence Manager

Memorysoft Annual Leave Absence Manager allows you to track and manage all types of leave, all in one place, automatically



Memorysoft Annual Leave Absence Manager streamlines the entire leave management process, from eligibility to entitlement to on-leave compensation, and provides visibility into trends and patterns that can point to and help reduce the abuse of leave benefits. It provides a foundation for specifying a company’s working schedule, shifts, weekends, holidays and other special considerations that define an organization’s absence details. This will assist in the management of all staff annual leave days and benefits providing a rooster of staff annual leave, both past and scheduled.

It manages unlimited staff absences, past, present and scheduled to provide a timetable for all past and planned absences. Unlimited employee leave entitlement, annual leave history, balance days brought forward, days accrued to-date, bonus days awarded and balance days remaining will all be managed and available for analysis by user defined criteria.


Encashing Leave Days

The system also facilities the conversion of leave days due at any point in time to be converted into cash.

Management tool:

As a management tool, it provides the ability to anticipate excused absences and to deal with unnecessary absences before they become a significant problem. Through this, the manager can minimize the disruptions that invariably result when an employee is absent.

Control tool:

As a control tool, it will register all absences, which in turn will identify exactly where manpower is needed, allowing for better planning. As a control tool to management, it will identify trends in attendance and provide the necessary information needed to pro-actively address problem areas.

  • An accurate account of staffs leave rooster is maintained showing due days, days taken and balance days.
  • Quickly check for an employee’s unused leave. Make manual adjustments and schedule tasks regarding a specific employee.
  • Replace your exhaustive paper charts with quick-reference leave calendars.
  • It can automatically accrue leave over practically any period including annually, monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly and weekly.
  • Synchronize absence-related data with schedules and timecards in real time.
  • Create customized forms and response letters catered to your approval process.
  • Identify leave abuse patterns and trends using detailed on-demand reports.
  • It provides accurate administration and tracking of paid and unpaid leave policies, even when rules overlap.
  • You can identify absence trends, manage them proactively, and make better decisions regarding workforce planning and deployment.
  • The system provides information on excused, authorized and unauthorized leave so both employer and employee have a clear understanding of why and how previous absences leave occurred.
  • User definable annual leave day’s entitlement, e.g. 21, 22, 24,26,30,60 days per annum. This may be accrued by day, month or year.
  • It also provides for individual employee leave application to the system via a terminal. This provides for quick turn around time in the processing of leave applications.
  • The leave manager has highly flexible reports that allow all levels of management to access the data relevant to their responsibility level. User definable reports facilitate the generation of reports by location, employee, company branch, department or section.
  • User definable absence rules as stipulated by your company. I.e. which absences affect annual leave, annual leave taken, compassionate leave, sick leave days taken will go to reduce an employees annual leave balance.
  • User definable absences, specifying which type of absence is processed in accordance with the company’s working schedule and which ones are processed in accordance with the calendar days e.g. Maternity leave.

Leave Accrual Plan:

Many company’s have different accrual plans for different employees.  Leave accrual plans allow executives to earn more vacation, etc. than managers.  Likewise, managers may earn more leave than employees. Simply set up a leave accrual plan to match the way your employees accumulate leave.  Then assign each employee to a plan. Based on the plan, employees will accrue leave automatically. Employees can be automatically bumped up to a different accrual rate based on seniority. You can also set limits on accumulated leave.

Scheduled Leave

The Leave Manager will schedule all planned staff absences by type, e.g. Sick-off, annual Leave, Un-paid leave, authorized leave etc. Run reports on denied or pending leave requests.

Leave Calendar

List employees by month and date or print out monthly calendars.  List covering employees on calendars as well

Pending Leave Requests

Run a report for pending leave requests to help stay organized.  Easily records leave requests and track whether they are approved, denied, or pending. Track the period of absence, type, and number of hours used.

Working Schedule

  • All company attendance days, company recognized holidays are registered to enable exemption of these days from affecting staff annual leave balances.
  • The days registered as weekends and holidays will not be recovered from an employees annual leave entitlement as per the company’s sales.
  • Special days include foundation days recognized by an organization as a holiday; this will include special function days such as, funerals, weddings, training, seminars etc.

User definable company working schedule,

e.g.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Holidays considered include: 

1st January (New Years’ Day), 1st May (Labor Day), 26th June (Habitat Day), 12th December (Boxing), 25th December (Christmas Day), 26th December (Boxing Day), 2nd April (Good Friday), 5th April (Easter Monday), 12th (Idd Ul-fitri).

Floating holidays.

  • The specification of an employee’s leave days entitled and accrual rate. The accrual rate may be specified by day, month or year.
  • The leave manager provides for the recording of all brought forward balance days, bonus days awarded and correction ability.
  • A member of staff may make, as many applications as necessary. The applications will then be authorized and approved.
  • The system provides for annual leave benefits such as traveling allowance, annual leave allowance etc.
  • It also identifies and tracks absence trends by employee.
  • It has the support to track leave without pay.
  • It can also track and report on leave exempted employees.
  • The leave manager provides for employee scheduling and range planning by providing running balances for different types of absences of maternity leave, annual leave, sick leave, training leave etc.

Attendance patterns: 

The Absence Manager will highlight the attendance patterns of your staff and make it easy for managers to discern unacceptable trends in employee absenteeism by providing the track of absence by the day of the week an absence occurred and what relationship that day may have to a holiday payday or weekend.

Leave Types:

Annual Leave, Appraisal Leave, Compassionate Leave, Compulsory Leave, Maternity Leave, Sick-off, Authorized Absence, Unauthorized Absence, Unpaid Leave, Days off, Study leave, Bereavement Leave, Disaster, Volunteer activities, Paid & Unpaid sabbaticals, Personal Holidays, Educational absences, Administrative absences, Suspensions, Compensatory time off, Sabbatical Leave, Vacation, Absentia etc

On Screen Facility:

Leave Matrix, Employee Leave, Leave Accrual Plan, Scheduled Leave, Leave Calendar, Pending Leave Requests, Instant HR Screen Shots

Leave Matrix:

The Leave Matrix allows you to use one window to easily look up and schedule leave for all employees.  Employees are listed in the Tree View (left) by department, manager, location, etc. View the Leave Matrix to summarize used leave over any period. Open individual employees quickly to enter leave requests or update leave absences.

Leave Reports:

Share leaves history by printing or e-mailing leave and tardiness reports. And most importantly, create leave summaries that you can print.

  • A Holiday’s List.
  • A Company’s Work Day’s List.
  • A Company’s Shift List.
  • Total Absence By Employee.
  • Absence Type List.
  • Employee Absence By Type.
  • Absences Approved For Payment.
  • Approved Annual Leave Applications.
  • Annual Leave Rooster/Schedule.
  • Absences Schedule.
  • Employee Annual Leave Report etc.
  • Leave of Absence (e.g. Study, Maternity or Sick Leave.
  • Leave Statements Showing Real-Time Balancess.