Organizational Structure Establishment Manager

Visualizing your organization structure?, MemorySoft  Organizational Structure Establishment Manager uses reports-to data from the Memorysoft position records and can automatically create the entire organizational structure of your enterprise using this information



All position and employee data available in the database can also be shown in real time. All changes made within Memorysoft are automatically transferred to the organizational charts. You simply need to decide which information should be displayed and how it should be formatted.

  • MemorySoft offers you formatting options, alternative views and filters to ensure that the data is shown in the way you need it. Data fields can be extended to show all the information you want to see (career plan data, candidacies, locations, etc).
  • MemorySoft provides numerous functions that can also be made available to your users, should you decide to publish your finished organizational chart in the Intranet or Internet. Different viewing, printing, and navigation options help you find the information you are looking.


Benefits of the organizational structure & Establishment Manager:

  • Visualization of your real time organizational structure
  • Easy identification of experts within the company
  • Visualization of any additional information
  • Guarantee threat key position are always filled
  • Efficient internal recruiting and vacancy overview
  • Publication of up-to date organizational charts in the company.
  • It has the ability to transfer employees to new locations without terminating and rehiring and also maintain all history.
  • It is often desirable to group or categorize employees in different locations for analysis or strategic planning. For example, Human Resource locations may be broken down by region, division, department and work unit.
  • MemorySoft is able to facilitate a Transfer of an Employee to any other branch and track movement of a staff across branches.