Recruitment And Vacancy Manager

Memorysoft Recruitment And Vacancy Manager can streamline your recruitment selection process and facilitate your decision-making with efficient access to information about all the job applicants entered into the Module.



Standard Highlights:-

  • Show positions available on-line.
  • Accept applications and resumes on-line with information including, basic applicant information e.g. medical history, passport photographs,, contact information, position(s) applied for, education and employment experience, applicants job history, previous salary earned, skills and training the applicant has.
  • Track the correspondence has been sent.
  • Know what interviews have been done and the comments/evaluations generated.
  • Check that references have been contacted and the information gathered.
  • Many user-defined fields are provided so that you can capture the information that is crucial to your unique election requirements. Once captured, this information can be used with the HRA reporting functions to assist with the selection process. For example, you can incorporate the results of testing you may do with applicants, and then generate a report (in just a few seconds!) of all the test results for all applicants who hold a Bachelor of Science degree and have a minimum of five years employment experience.
  • User definable company organization chart, specify position groups (professional types), position titles, company locations, company positions.
  • User definable company organization chart specifying, branches, departments and sections.
  • User definable position profile.
  • User definable position certificates, courses, skills and attributes.
  • Applicant master defines applicant’s bio data and personal attributes e.g. Age, Height. Weight. Ethnicity, Nationality, Marital Status, Gender, Work History, Applicant, Name, employee profile and allergies & Physical disability.
  • Among other issues include certificate, courses, job history, recommendation letter, hobbies and referees.
  • Vacant positions, date become vacant, description and reference.
  • System allocates each applicant to the applied position and interview, venue and assessor.
  • It processes job applications and produces a short listing based on predefined selection criteria.
  • The system allows you to create new vacancies.
  • It can generate letters of interview, appointment, regrets etc.
  • It generates an induction.
  • It generates the respective job / employment contracts.
  • This is the recruiter’s dream.


  • Vacant positions Report.
  • Recruitment Short listing.
  • Applicant’s listing.
  • Education Qualification (Summary).
  • Education Qualification (Detailed).
  • Applicant Skill Analysis.
  • Applicant Hobbies.
  • Applicant’s References.
  • Applicant’s Equity.