Personnel bio data manager

Memorysoft Personnel Manager is comprehensive and powerful, yet flexible Human Resources Management software that is easy to learn and use. The inviting and straightforward information screens mimic your unique Human Resources processes and requirements and a wealth of reporting power consolidates, compares, and helps you analyze your Human Resources activities and trends.



The Memorysoft Personnel Manager is developed under high precision and stringent controls resulting in high quality specifications. It has the ability to forecast eligible retirees, based on bargaining unit category, age, years of service, and retirement plan. It has the ability to track employee turnover by department, classification, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, etc.

Main Features

  1. Tracking: Ability to track acting capacities and durations.
  2. Probation: Ability to track initial, lateral and promotional probationary period.
  3. History: Ability to maintain history for significant number of years (> 25m) to allow checking for leaves of absence, reasons for termination, termination dates and many others.
  4. Appraisal: It is able to track if employee has been advised of company policies and procedures.

Other Features

  • Ability to track multiple probationary periods (trail service periods).
  • It can generate automated letters like interview, employment, secrecy etc working in conjunction with other products like word processors.
  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date employee information can be time consuming and tedious.
  • To simplify this task, Memorysoft Personnel Manager offers event driven menus, quick screen lists, screen chaining capabilities and push buttons as ways of accessing employee data.
  • Save time! Well-organized personnel records can help solve misunderstandings between you and your staff. Helps avoid costly litigation, and save you time. To ensure privacy, Staff Files lets you set passwords so others can only access the information you want them to.
  • Memorysoft provides you with quick methods means of tracking employee status changes within the firm.
  • Reduce legal exposure.
  • Effectively track vacation, sick leave, benefits, and more.
  • Evaluate employees and set performance goals to increase productivity.
  • Track wages and compensation history with accuracy.
  • Maintain the most up-to-date certification, license, and training information.
  • Find emergency contacts fast.
  • Easily customize fields and reports for your business needs.
  • Retrieve employee records at the click of a button.
  • Set built-in reminders so you don’t miss important dates.
  • Access personnel records from multiple computers (requires a Multi-User license).
  • Keep employee information in a centralized location.
  • Improve communication with staff by using the pre-written letter templates

Input Fields

Personnel (Bio-Data) Manager Input Fields

Other Detailed Information Input Fields

 Employee Reference Numbers Input Fields

 The system supports a user definable feature for recording any employee registration number: –

Personnel Reports

With our standard employee Bio-data reports that can be previewed, printed, and exported to a file, you can help improve your company’s analytic capabilities and drive better business decisions. These are common, frequently requested reports that are easily accessed and run. All you have to do is tell Memorysoft which group of employees the report should focus on, and for which period of time (if applicable). It allows you to print graphs and reports, prepare them for archiving to CD, or send them over the internet. Perhaps the most powerful capability in Memorysoft is the transformation of data into information. The resulting information can be used to evaluate HR programs, plan for future HR needs according to trends, and prioritize HR issues. Anomalies can be identified, evaluated, and responded to as necessary. Memorysoft is not just a keeper of formation or an automated of processes. Memorysoft is a decision facilitator as well. A package of sample reports, generated by the tools discussed below, is available. Reports:

  • Employee Listing.
  • Physical Appearance Reports.
  • Terminated Staff Report.
  • Report on Retirees.
  • Report on Long Service Awardees.
  • Report on Staff Strength By Grade, Section / Department.
  • Report on Leavers.
  • Report on Promotions.
  • Report on Suspensions.
  • Report on Staff Without NSSF Nos.
  • Report on Staff Without NHIF Nos.
  • Report on Dependants.
  • Report on Referees.
  • Report on Spouse & Children.
  • Report on CV’s.
  • Report on Bio-Data.
  • Report on Addresses.
  • Report on Memos.
  • Report on Acting Staff.
  • Classification Reports.
  • Branch/Division/Department Reports.
  • Status (Permanent or Temporary) Reports.
  • Standard and Ad Hoc Reporting Capabilities.
  • Staff Skills Analysis.
  • Employee Recommendations.
  • Emergency Contact.
  • Company Branches.
  • Department Listings.
  • Sections Listings.
  • Company Locations.