Occupational Health Safety-Administration (OHSA) manager

This system provides for the recording and reporting on patient employee health data (work restrictions, smoker / non smoker, blood donors, health history), injuries and illness that occur in your work environment In addition, data regarding employees’ impairments can be tracked to assist you in personnel administration



Occupational Health and Safety Administration is a highly legislated area of Human Resources, with a reputation for paperwork becomes a breeze to monitor with Memorysoft.

  • Sources of on-the-job accidents and injuries and means to reduce them.
  • It covers the impact of industry type, technology type, management and employee attitudes, and working conditions.
  • The legislation that shapes an organization’s response to health and safety issues.
  • Occupational diseases.
  • Sources of environmental stressors and their relationship to performance.
  • The contrast between the engineering approach to safety (designing a hazard-free work environment)
  • The selection approach (selecting against people who may be accident prone).
  • What injuries the employee has had and the severity of them.
  • Where and how the injuries occurred.
  • Details about the accidents.
  • Whether or not an injury claim has been filed and, if so, its status.
  • Full OSHA Reporting


  • Accidents Analysis Report.
  • Staff Health Information.
  • Staff Disease Analysis